Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some New Stuff
Long time, no updatey! My broken right hand is healed up, & I've been trying hard to catch up with commissions I owe clients. And my good friend Tony Leone from MassArt has hired me to create between 200-300 illustrations for a cool book he's designing! Things are busybusybusy. I'm still unpacking in the new apartment & getting back on track after moving 3 times at the end of 2010, but things are awesome.

Call for Artists flyer for Mass Market 8, featuring Mr. Giles, the one-eyed bandit:

Mass Market 8 Poster:

acrylic painting on canvas (minus the text) for my old upstairs neighbors, Lauren & Jon, that they'll be using as "Save the Date" magnets for their upcoming wedding:



Commissioned portrait of Riggsi:

I posted excerpts from sketchbook # 58 on my sketchbook blog:

This semester I've been teaching a new course @ MassArt combining mask-making with illustration assignments, and am really impressed with the work the students have been doing:
Lots of photos of their projects are here:

The class's final assignment is a Day-of-the-Dead self-portrait puppet photo-illustration. Here's the head for mine I did as a demo:

5 outstanding MassArt seniors named Cherry Au, Ivan Cheung, Amanda Lo, Jill Lydon, & Carly Menasco put on a really fun exhibit called "the Cute Show" featuring personal drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more. I painted them little "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" cards for the opening reception:
the interiors:
Speaking of cute, Frankensteiny recovered from 2 lump removal surgeries (both benign), one on his leg, and one on his inner eyelid that required very intricate stitches:
He was his usual spazzy self within a day of the surgeries. And Mr. Giles luckily healed up fast after scratching his cornea:
I'm going to try to post way more often from now on!